Why not...

...commission Ed Chapman to create a bespoke piece of artwork?


Ed’s been commissioned by numerous private art collectors from around the world.

In addition he has completed artwork for royal families, internationally-known sports stars, national leaders and undertaken art commissions for private clients and giant corporations.

He assures complete discretion if requested.

"I discuss every aspect of the mosaic before starting work, colours, composition, size and not least the material the mosaic is to be made from, I am mindful of the bespoke nature of a commissioned mosaic and know it may be a present for a friend or loved one therefore always ensure the client’s every artistic desire is met."

All Ed's mosaics are by definition original and unique. He may on occasion make one or more mosaic of the same image, in the same or different materials - if it's especially striking.

Portrait commissions take about four to six weeks. If you have an idea for a commission, please make CONTACT.

Visit his online mosaic gallery HERE for more examples of bespoke art commissions.