Prices are available on request. Please get in touch about your mosaic commission requirements as Ed can create personal mosaic portraits from life or photographs.


This is a brand new, unique mosaic portrait of Jim Morrison, legendary lead singer of classic 1960s rock group The Doors. The work is created from almost 4,000 Euro one cents and is 103x103cm. It’s exclusively available to buy here, from Ed Chapman’s official website and more details on request, you can contact Ed Chapman at: edwardehchapman@gmail.com – he’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Welcome to the official website of Ed Chapman - one of the UK’s finest contemporary artists, specialising in mosaics art. He has created numerous pieces of art from a range of materials from vinyl records and currency to stone and ceramic tile, guitar plectrums, vitreous glass, torn paper and even sugar cubes and pellets of chewing gum.


Ed has an instantly-recognisable style and his mosaic pieces are exhibited around the world, often gracing the homes of the rich and famous.


Portraits take many hours of painstaking effort to create and are constructed from hundreds of mosaic fragments, some no bigger than a couple of millimetres. Each mosaic piece is carefully hand-cut and placed, resulting in an impeccable finish.


Subjects of the mosaic portraits range from film and music legends to specially commissioned portraits of families, animals and world leaders.

Ed Chapman's mosaic work is bought by private clients and corporations and his iconic mosaic portraits have featured on TV and in magazines in the UK and around the world. His mosaic art has a number of high profile collectors including well known musicians, sports stars and TV personalities and his mosaic art has received widespread media coverage across Europe and North America.